Humble beginnings…

My husband inhabits the world of websites and website marketing, and he strongly recommended I name this site my name. I wanted to come up with something quirky and clever, but I bowed to his superior web wisdom, and so I introduce my blog, ‘’. I did, however, sneak in the byline, the write(r) side.

Currently when you search for ‘Michelle Preen’, virtually every reference is to ‘Michelle Obama dressed by Preen’, so let’s hope that I now climb the Google ranking ladder and outdo the first lady and her fashion designer. One day, I hope to see ‘Michelle Preen read by Michelle Obama.’

I have subtitled this blog the write(r) side because besides being convinced that this is the right path which I have chosen, it is only a small part of what I do. I wish for it to be a much bigger part, but right now I will have to make do with writing fiction in my spare time.

I currently work full time in the field of environmental communications and media, which means I get to write, just not fiction. You can read a bit more about me and my writing in the ‘About’ section of this blog.

I imagine this blog will be a base for my writing – a place to hone it and to home it. It will provide an address to which I can send people if they express an interest in reading what I write. I know, for one, my mom will love to send people here!


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