A gift

I haven’t written much lately, so it was a lovely surprise and boost to receive an email recently to let me know that two of my stories had been selected for publication in the Jalada-Writivism joint anthology. Jalada is a pan-African writer’s collective and Writivism is a programme run by the Centre for African Cultural Excellence (CACE). I wrote the two stories as part of the 2014 Writivism mentorship programme. So… here they are if you would like to read them:

The Gift


Jalada anthology 2015 coverYou can also download the full anthology, My Maths Teacher Hates Me and other stories.







Excerpt from a review by Patsy Mugabi (June 2017):

“Michelle Preen also features in this anthology as she writes with a cool, calm and collected spirit. She describes the gift of time wrapped as a curse. The man that claims a father’s life is the recipient of this gift. In another story, Early, Preen describes the denial of loss of a child in the rawest manner. You know the saying time heals all wounds, well the wound in this womb has not yet been healed.”


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