Having fun with children’s stories

Earlier this year, I participated in a full day interactive workshop on ‘Writing Stories for Children’ run by award-winning UK writer, Alan Durant, at the Franschhoek Literary Festival. I really enjoyed the experience and came away with some great tips and loads of ideas.

This is something fun that I wrote in a quick, impromptu exercise:

Pickles the puppy had a secret. It was a huge secret, a secret he could never share with anyone. Nobody would understand. Pickles hated digging and getting his paws dirty. He did not enjoy going for walks either. He would much rather lie on the veranda all day in the sun. But most of all, he didn’t like sniffing other dog’s bottoms! Slobber made him feel sick and barking hurt his throat. Deep down inside Pickles only wished for one thing. Pickles wanted to be a cat.

Bongo smile


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